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Long-term employability thanks to self-learning tools

Scalable job satisfaction

Teamshape increases job satisfaction, reduces absenteeism and staff turnover and provides real-time management information. The secret? Smart self-learning tools that are easy to use and infinitely scalable. Suitable for any work environment.

Step 0

Teamshape Dialogue

Teamshape is centred on the Teamshape Dialogue – a conversation that connects employee and team leader. This regular dialogue ensures that employees take ownership of their personal development, which in turn results in greater job satisfaction, better employability and less absenteeism.

Step 1

Where are you now and what do you want to achieve?

Teamshape invites the employee to prepare for the conversation by completing a wellbeing and employability analysis. This doesn’t involve long texts, just straightforward questions you can answer with a simple click on your tablet, laptop or smartphone. The analysis shows where employees are and what they want to achieve. The employee decides which information the team leader is allowed to see and what will be discussed during the Teamshape Dialogue.

Participation rate up 300% with LINK®
As every HR manager knows, employees often don’t take advantage of the opportunities for personal development that their organisations offer. That’s why Teamshape includes LINK® – self-learning software that makes smart matches between employees and development programmes that are relevant to them. The built-in evaluation system provides immediate insight into the results and effectiveness of the programme components.

Step 2

Tailored support for team leaders

Once the analysis is complete, Teamshape invites the employee and team leader to take part in the Teamshape Dialogue. This is an automatic process, so no one needs to organise it. Based on the answers given by the employee in Step 1, our smart software analyses how best to conduct the Teamshape Dialogue. In preparation for the dialogue, the team leader watches online training sessions with targeted tips and support from leadership expert Remco Claassen. The software is self-learning, which means that the results of the dialogue, the action points and the follow-up process all serve as input for preparing the next Teamshape Dialogue. This means that the process is improving all the time.

Step 3

Conducting the Teamshape Dialogue

The user-friendly but thorough preparation in Step 2 enhances the quality of the dialogue and involves the team leader in the employee’s ambitions. Teamshape automatically keeps track of follow-up steps and action points, enabling visible, tangible follow-up on the agreements. This instils trust and strengthens the employee’s connection with the team leader – two essential prerequisites for retention.

Teamshape Vialogue

For employees who work remotely we have Teamshape Vialogue, an innovative form of video calling supported by relevant information. Find out more

Step 4

Not e-learning, but X-Learning®

Teamshape uses the patented X-Learning® method. X-Learning® is based on the concept of motivational interviewing. It constantly adapts to the individual participant, so training sessions are shorter and have more impact. In addition, X-Learning® has a training completion rate two to three times higher than those of alternative online learning systems. With over a million completed training sessions and 200 successful interventions, X-Learning® is the most effective method available for online behavioural interventions.

Step 5

Real-time analysis and management information

Teamshape registers a wealth of information, obviously in full compliance with privacy legislation. The information collected provides valuable insights into personal development, employability, productivity and much more. A convenient dashboard provides a clear picture of the risk and success factors. For forward-thinking organisations, this real-time management information is indispensable. Find out more about the Teamshape Dashboard

Greater job satisfaction, better employability and less absenteeism:

Teamshape is easy to implement

And, thanks to the monthly licence fee, provides returns almost immediately.
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