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Greater job satisfaction, better employability, less absenteeism

Keep employees committed to your organisation with Teamshape, the self-learning software that unburdens HR managers, supports team leaders and motivates everyone.

Teamshape facilitates dialogue between employees and their team leaders, fosters self-direction and improves mutual cooperation. The result is tangible and measurable: greater job satisfaction, better employability and less absenteeism.

  • Up to 25% less absenteeism
  • Up to 11% less staff turnover
  • Up to 22% less incidents
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Teamshape Dialogue

Teamshape is a suite of advanced digital solutions centred on the Teamshape Dialogue, a conversation that connects employee and team leader.

The Teamshape Dialogue is about strengthening trust, self-direction and personal growth. It is predicated on the principle that employees should have ownership of their own development and that a good employer supports them in this.

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Our philosophy

We believe that shared trust and connections are the foundation of a successful organisation and that open dialogue on job satisfaction creates committed and motivated employees – people who take ownership of their own wellbeing, vitality and personal growth; who can handle change and are ready to take the next step.

But how do you prevent this crucial aspect of organisational development getting overlooked in the hustle and bustle of day-to-day work? That’s why we developed Teamshape – a suite of smart self-learning tools that stimulate the Teamshape Dialogue process. With Teamshape, the conditions needed for success will always be given the attention they deserve.

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Thanks to Teamshape, we’re now seeing things we
always overlooked before.

After the Teamshape Dialogue:


Indicate that the dialogue has increased their motivation


Are more inspired to work on employability


Indicate that their relationship with the team leader has improved

After the Teamshape Dialogue:
Team Leaders


Of the dialogues lead to increased motivation


Of employees want to develop their skills and be supported in doing so


Want to make an effort to improve working conditions

Greater job satisfaction, better employability and less absenteeism:

Teamshape pays for itself

And, thanks to the monthly licence fee, provides returns almost immediately.
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