Teamshape Synergy

Together, we enhance
long-term employability

A comprehensive programme to improve job satisfaction,
well-being and personal development

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Management experiences a culture change
Up to a 67% increase in motivation
Absenteeism reduced: €700 pp/per year
Up to a 250% increase in personal control
Proven effective method
Demonstrably high ROI
Rated 8+ by employees

Teamshape Synergy strengthens collaboration within teams, encourages employees to take control and makes personal development a foregone conclusion. The result is improved job satisfaction, well-being, safety and employability

How can we help you?

What does the organisation gain?

1. Personal guidance

Our consultants provide a simple implementation and monitor progress. The effect on job satisfaction, well-being, safety and employability is evaluated quarterly.

2. Smart software

An activation and control system monitors the conversation cycle and the quality of the dialogue, while providing insight into whether personal control is sufficiently established. Interactive software ensures that employees are actively involved, collaboration with the team leader is improved and tools for personal development are available.

3. Online training

Remco Claassen’s online training programme supports employees shaping their own future. Team leaders receive assistance in encouraging employees to take ownership. When combined with the evaluation system, the development of high-quality dialogue is guaranteed.

4. Online and offline dialogue

In addition to face-to-face communication, team leaders can also choose an online dialogue. Our software facilitates both parties. The prepared topics of discussion are visible during the conversation. The agreed post-dialogue steps can also be seen. Cementing agreements helps both parties commit to next steps.

5. Management information

Through digital and face-to-face reporting and consultation, management acquires tools on how to organise the work environment so that employees are encouraged to keep taking ownership. Personal development and improved job satisfaction, well-being, safety and employability become foregone conclusions.

What are the outcomes?

Team leaders

Better insight into business risks and opportunities

Increased appeal as an employer

Improved collaboration within the primary process

Real-time insight into ownership and development

A firmer grasp on staff turnover and absenteeism

Increased employee participation in interventions

Improved team efficacy and collaboration

Better collaboration with employees

Time savings due to preparation and follow up

Greater employee satisfaction and enjoyment at work

More attention to staff needs

Ownership of personal development plan

Connexxion client review

Job satisfaction and cost savings with effective dialogue

Connexxion management has implemented Teamshape Synergy to ensure that everyone has heartfelt engagement and commitment to the organisation. The team leaders, responsible for more than 6,000 employees, are supported in strengthening connections. The programme not only safeguards active employee participation but also assures the quality of dialogue. The result? A cost saving of €3,000,000.


Greater job satisfaction, better employability and less absenteeism:

Teamshape boosts your organisation

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