Everyone should feel welcome,
heard and supported

From organisation-centric to employee-centric

About us

Employee skills typically serve the interests of the organisation, but we turn the tables. Our philosophy is that organisations should put employees’ interests first; it’s the organisation’s responsibility to develop skills that serve employees’ interests, not the other way around.

When this is done, employees no longer have to create space for themselves or ask others for it; they have it as a matter of course. Knowledge and experience are not imposed on them; instead, they are invited to contribute ideas and take initiatives. We developed Teamshape to give shape to this ‘Copernican revolution’ in the way we think about organisations.

This creates a widely shared sense of trust and connection, which in turn motivates employees to take initiatives that are good for the organisation and to share important management information with their team leaders. The result is an organisation that’s more future-proof and productive.

Continuous development

We have been testing and optimising forms of dialogue, apps and other means of communication for more than ten years. Our aim is to ensure that everyone in an organisation feels welcome, heard and supported, especially employees on the work floor.


Privacy is an important prerequisite for trust, which is why employees who use Teamshape are able to decide which information they wish to share with their team leader. Answers and other information that employees provide in Teamshape are anonymised and used for analytical and review purposes, meaning that this data cannot be traced back to individual employees. Teamshape also records various personal details, in compliance with the GDPR.   Find out more about our policy on privacy and personal data

ISO 27001 information security

In 2017, Teamshape’s organisation and IT system were certified for ISO 27001, the international standard for information security. This certification means that the organisation’s operational processes have been recorded and are audited annually by an external auditor. For users, it means that the security, reliability and continuity of our IT systems are guaranteed.

Board of Experts

Teamshape is assisted by a Board of Experts. These experts help us to integrate the latest scientific findings and developments on employability into our software.

Prof. Tinka van Vuuren

Tinka is Endowed Professor of Vitality Management at the Open University. Tinka developed the scientific model for taking ownership of long-term employability on which our programme is based. Her experience provides us with unique insights into even more effective methods.

Prof. Gabriël Anthonio

Gabriël is Endowed Professor of Sociology of Leadership, Organisations and Sustainability at the University of Groningen. His scientific background, life experience and practical experience in the world of health care, justice and welfare are an ongoing source of inspiration for our team.

Hans Groothuis

Hans specialises in internationalisation and certification – topics that are important to the majority of our clients. Hans has experience with blockchain technology, a digital solution for quality assurance with many potential applications.

Adriaan Heino

Adriaan is a psychologist and senior risk manager. Through Achmea, he is involved in Teamshape’s further development and in analysing behavioural change at the organisational and employee levels.

Remco Claassen

Remco pushes the boundaries of the training profession with adaptive online training solutions that offer team leaders relevant and directly applicable on-the-job tools. Both team leaders and employees benefit from this in their work.