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An online programme for improving working relationships
and facilitating conversations

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Time-saving tooling
Proven enhanced employability
Rated 8.2 by team leaders
25% increase in safe behaviour
Smart conversation support
Stronger collaboration
Up to 200% increase in ownership
Well-prepared dialogue

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What are the outcomes?

Management & HR
Team leaders

Improved management information helps increase job satisfaction

Higher productivity through better collaboration

More control of conversations on topics such as absenteeism and employability

More effective dialogue due to sound preparation

Facilitating smart dialogue results in time savings

Team efficacy enhanced due to improved collaboration

Greater satisfaction due to engaged employees

More insight gained to assist personal growth

More involved by contributing to areas for improvement

What do you get?

Defining dialogue themes, planning and agreements

Simply plan the conversation with your employees. Dialogue content is based on available templates, for example job satisfaction, employability, development, the job itself and safety.

A smart scheduling system reminds participants of agreements. Up to 75% of time saved with a single central activation, support and follow up system.

Conversation partners prepare for dialogue

Team leaders receive training and advice to strengthen connections with their employees. This enables them to work together to improve job satisfaction, well-being and personal development.

Employees have access to training and advice to discover where they stand, where they want to go and what they need to get there. They have greater autonomy in enhancing their job satisfaction, well-being and personal development.

People-focused dialogue, face-to-face or online

Both conversation partners enter the dialogue well prepared. This enables experienced as well as inexperienced team leaders to engage in high-quality conversations, after which the parties can convert the topics that were discussed into action points.

Besides face-to-face dialogue, the team leader can choose an online option. An important difference with regards to Google Meet or Microsoft Teams is the specific people-focused approach of this method, which is crucial for forging genuine connections.

Management has access to appropriate information

Assessing the questionnaires in preparation for conversations and analysing dialogue quality means that organisations have firm starting points for subsequent actions: a foundation for proactively creating a working environment in which job satisfaction, well-being, safety and personal development are anchored.

– Progress report
– Insight into agreements and dialogue reports
– Better management information to improve performance and employability

Kalibra client review

An impressive 64% say they feel more motivated

Five years ago, almost no one at Kalibra talked about vital leadership and long-term employability. Now, according to director Gerben Visser, these aspects are among the most important success factors of the business.

For three years, Kalibra has been using Teamshape Connect as its key programme to discuss staff employability.

– A 64% increase in motivation
– Dialogue rated 7.9 by employees
– 90% of staff are participating in dialogues


Greater job satisfaction, better employability and less absenteeism:

Teamshape boosts your organisation

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