Working remotely with

At home, on the road or on location

Innovative form of video calling

In many organisations, employees and team leaders don’t speak to each other on a daily basis, making it even more important to keep in touch. Teamshape includes the Teamshape Vialogue, an easy-to-use video calling module with smart tools that actively supports the dialogue between employee and team leader, even remotely.

Physical distance

Drivers are on the road all day long, construction workers work on site and many companies have multiple locations, sometimes even overseas. Fields like district nursing and education provide few opportunities for direct contact between employee and team leader. And then there are situations in which team leaders manage large teams, or people work from home on a regular basis.

Similar challenges

No matter how different they might appear on the surface, these organisations all face the same challenges. How do you identify declining productivity or reduced job satisfaction in employees who work from home? And how do you stimulate and implement a structured dialogue between team leaders and employees when they are in different locations?

Teamshape Teamshape Vialogue

Our solution

Our solution: Teamshape Vialogue is an innovative form of video calling in which both participants see information on their screens that assists them in the dialogue. The information helps both the employee and the team leader to shape the dialogue in such a way that the employee feels invited to contribute, heard and supported. This digital support is geared to an online wellbeing and employability analysis completed by the employee prior to the call. The team leader prepares for the call too, with the help of our self-learning digital tools. As a result, the quality of the dialogue is constantly improving. Find out how it works


with real-time management information

The information Teamshape collects is anonymised and clearly displayed on a convenient dashboard. The risk and success factors for employability and productivity are available in real time. This is ideal for managers and directors who understand that the soft aspects that make organisations successful require hard data. Find out more about the Teamshape Dashboard