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Effective support during and after coronavirus with Teamshape app

The coronavirus crisis is having a major impact on our work. Employees are under more stress, have higher workloads and face changes to their work-life balance, while employers are dealing with the challenge of keeping people employable in this new situation. What support do organisations need? And how do employees take ownership of increasing their own wellbeing and employability? In this process, ‘soft’ factors such as trust and connection are crucial. The Teamshape app brings employees and team leaders closer so they’re able to take the next step together.

Connection is more important than ever

It’s important to connect with employees and encourage them to take ownership of their own development – and it’s more important than ever during the coronavirus crisis. Practical studies by TNO and others show that dialogue between employer and employee can make all the difference, provided that it’s a dialogue that helps employees feel respected, seen and heard. But how do you organise such a dialogue when their time is taken up by day-to-day work? Teamshape helps employees and team leaders to connect.

The Teamshape Dialogue

Teamshape is a suite of advanced self-learning digital solutions centred on the Teamshape Dialogue. This dialogue between employer and employee is about strengthening trust and connection, self-direction and personal growth. It is predicated on the principle that employees should have ownership of their own development and that a good employer supports them in this.

The Teamshape Dialogue is a measurable and structural tool to help employees and team leaders initiate employees’ self-direction by enhancing the quality of the dialogue. This can be done face to face or using a unique online version. Both options offer an innovative support method for taking immediate steps towards increased wellbeing and higher employability.

Accessible, tailor-made and ready to use

Teamshape and the Teamshape Dialogue are easy and quick to use. Employees can get to work immediately, even if no dialogue has taken place yet. Via the quick scan in the Teamshape app, employees are offered easily accessible and tailor-made solutions, such as courses and training that the organisation already offers. This stimulates employees to take part in personal interventions.

Save working time and achieve more

After just one dialogue, over 67% of employees indicated that they were more motivated and wanted to improve their employability. And no less than 86% of employees recommend the Teamshape Dialogue to their colleagues; they experience more autonomy and are challenged and supported to make their own choices.

Team leaders are incredibly positive about the tool too and give the method a rating of 8+. It saves them a lot of working time compared to alternative solutions. The Teamshape programme provides structure, preserves continuity and monitors the preconditions for improvement. Teamshape is the ultimate programme that guarantees greater wellbeing and a higher level of employability.

TNO: additional productivity of €272,000 per 1,000 employees

TNO’s cost-benefit tool provides insight into how long-term employability affects employee productivity. It shows that improvements in the team leader’s role and the quality of the dialogue result in a significant increase: €240,000 (cure) and €272,000 (care) per 1,000 employees. Every organisation that adopted the Teamshape programme’s guidelines in 2019 more than succeeded in achieving this.

The Teamshape app

Planning system

Teamshape activates and monitors all crucial Teamshape Dialogue® processes. Employees are encouraged to take ownership, to schedule the dialogue on wellbeing and employability, and to prepare themselves properly for this.

Analysis and activation tool

Employees periodically complete a wellbeing and employability analysis. This provides them with real-time insight into their personal growth opportunities. Our LINK® activation tool then suggests existing demand-driven physical and online solutions to increase wellbeing and employability.

Online and offline dialogue

Employees and team leaders engage in a connecting dialogue with smart tools to stimulate self-direction. This can be done face to face or online. The self-learning method makes each dialogue an improvement on the previous one.

Real-time management information

Real-time information at organisational, team and employee level provides management with unique tools and insight into employability risks and opportunities. This allows them to be recognised at an early stage, preventing future problems and unnecessary costs.

Greater job satisfaction, better employability and less absenteeism:

Teamshape boosts your organisation

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