Teamshape Dashboard:
real-time management information

Clear insight into complex data

Long-term employability and future-proofing

All of the information Teamshape collects is presented in a convenient dashboard with valuable real-time management information. This gives organisations clear insight into long-term employability and future-proofing.

A comprehensive picture

on three levels

For the wellbeing and employability analysis, Teamshape collects and analyses the anonymised answers given by employees. This analysis provides a better understanding of how the work can be improved and made more enjoyable. Benchmarks and trend reports enable comparisons of departments or organisations.

Teamshape also monitors the effectiveness of the Teamshape Dialogue on employees’ employability. The same applies to training courses that employees follow. A comprehensive picture on three levels – organisation, team and employee – thus emerges.

Presented clearly in three scores

The Teamshape Dashboard provides a comprehensive picture in three scores:

1. Ownership

Behavioural change starts with ownership. Management gains insight into whether ownership improves and whether the work environment stimulates this sufficiently.

2. Trust

Trust is essential for sustainable behavioural change. Management gains insight into the organisation’s ability to optimise trust.

3. Personal and professional development

Future-proof organisations have employees who are willing and able to grow along with change. They gain insight into what contributes to a successful outcome.


By summarising this valuable but complex and layered data in three clear scores, managers can see at a glance how the organisation is developing in real time. They can also see the areas in which adjustments may be needed. In other words, the Teamshape Dashboard is not a rear-view mirror; it is a navigation system for checking whether the organisation is heading in the right direction.


Employees make their own decisions about which information they wish to share with their team leader. All sensitive information is processed with due care and in full compliance with the GDPR. Find out more

Greater job satisfaction, better employability and less absenteeism:

Teamshape boosts your organisation

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